HBB Aims to build a lifelong brand
incorporating real world and blockchain utility
6,699 Season 2 HBBs
Mint Date : 5th May 2022

Welcome to our MetaMassacre

When you buy a bear, you're not only buying an art but also supporting the mental health/suicide related community. In addition, you'll be gaining membership access to our Metaverse!

Access to HBB Insider group
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Staking to redeem future Rewards
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Scavenger Hunt to
win More!
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In real world utilty
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Season 2 Incoming

Head to our discord to find out more!

Our roadmap is categorised into two main sections, Launch Roadmap and Development Roadmap with each section detailing important goals and milestones in the project.

What can HBB holders Look Forward to

Benefits for Genesis Holders:

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Better staking function: X number of HBC/day *(HBC- Heartbreak coin)
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1 free mint for Heartbreak Bear Season 2 - Heartbreak Toys (HBT)
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Other benefits such as in-game benefits will be announced nearing launch date

Once the first 1,888 Heartbreak Bears are fully minted:

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We will start our liquidity pool for HBC
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Heartbreak Bear will give back to the community by donating $7,000USD to a mental health/suicide related non-profit organisation voted by community
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We will hold an airdrop GIVEAWAY of 1- Heartbreak Bears
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Development of HBT begins!
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Purchase of land in Sandbox for MetaMassacre

GENESIS HOLDERS: Only 1,888 HBBs will be available for minting at 0.03ETH + gas.
These are our development plans while the Genesis Mint is ongoing. Progression reports will be shared in our Discord channel.

What Can HBB Holders Look Forward to

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Staking for HBC$ is LIVE
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Scavenger Game Release is LIVE
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Season 2 Sneak Peek
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HBB Insider Group Access

Season 2 Roadmap

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HBB Insider Group will be locked
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Establishment of Godjira Island in Scavenger Hunt
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HBC$ Liquidity Pool Initiation
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Launch of MetaMassacre
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Launch of Season 2 Merchandise (Exclusive Collectible Figurines)
HBB Holders will be able to decide on updates on the Roadmap as we go along and hold more AMAs and community discussions!
Roadmap is subject to change as we continue to receive feedback for improvement from the community!

What is Heartbreak Bear?

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Heartbreak Bear SEASON 1 is a collection of 1,888 randomly generated NFT bears that has been sold out!

Heartbreak Bear SEASON 2! Is a collection of randomly generated NFT bears living on the Ethereum blockchain. 7,089 3D Heartbreak Bears will be modelled and generated. Each Heartbreak Bear is unique and also includes 10 1/1 custom designs.

What is the story of Heartbreak Bear?

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Every bear started out with their hearts filled with love. They were brought into a world that seemed to be perfect, filled with love and compassion. Never did they imagined that their day would come, slowly one by one, they were thrown away, abandoned, and unloved. No one heard their cries, their agony.

Consumed by darkness and hatred, they came alive to be the voice for the broken and abandoned. Springing into life filled with vengeance, they formed an army and marched forth to achieve one goal, World Domination. They stand for people who feel unaccepted by society and aim to demolish every form of judgement, insult and critcisim in the world and the Metaverse, to wipe out negativity and restore a positive society for people of all kinds to co-exist.

When is the official sale for Season 2?

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Whitelist - 5th May 2022, 10PM GMT + 8 / Public - 6th May 2022

How can I mint a Heartbreak Bear Season 2?

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You will need a personal Ethereum wallet and some ETH. Connect your account via Metamask or WalletConnect and pay for the mint fee and gas fee.

What will the mint price be for Season 2?

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Whitelist - 0.045ETH + Gas / Public - 0.049ETH + Gas

Is there a presale? When will it start?

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Presale will be on the 5th of May 2022, 10PM GMT + 8

What is the Heartbreak Bear Roadmap?

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The current roadmap information can be found in our discord server.

We are also constantly tweaking, so stay connected to constantly be updated with any changes and future announcements! Detailed information and White Paper will be available soon.

Who are the people behind Heartbreak Bear?

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Scroll down to see more information about the team!

What else can we look forward to?

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We are already our own ERC-20 token, Heartbreak coin. Token owners can use these coins in our games and more!

Our Scavenger Hunt game will be launched for HBB owners to win various different prizes!

Don't forget to stay updated as HBB is going to launch our very own HBB merchandise!

In addition, Season 2 of the Heartbreak project is also in development. Coming to you real soon!

HeartBreak Bear Team
broken barry
Project Lead
twinkle bear
ming shuang
Marketing Lead
professor b
Gen 1 Artist
Gen 2 Artist
cakey bear
Community Lead
Joseph R
Joseph R
Blockchain Developer